I’m addicted

I’m so hooked on Ravelry!  I just can’t stop looking at knitting patterns –even the ones that I know I couldn’t make yet are going in my favorites!  It’s basically like window shopping and daydreaming of the day that I might be able to make fancy things.  Last night I spent hours looking through every single page of the free knitting patterns that have photos. I could have been making something, but no, I just felt like staring at lovely projects and getting new ideas.

Here’s what I found:

This cardigan is modeled after some Native American pottery patterns in New Mexico.  And in that same vein, here are some mitts:

OK that one requires some explaining — those socks are actually kilt hose, meant to be worn with Scottish garb.  I’m a bagpiper so I have some for when I play at weddings, funerals, etc., but mine keep shrinking so I could stand to make a pair myself.

And this pincushion may be last but it is certainly not least — it’s in my queue of things to make because it looks so cute and useful.  You will probably see this coming soon.

So that’s it!  I know I said last time that my next post would be about my sweater progress, but that will just have to wait until next time.  These patterns were just too cool and I had to share.

Thanks for stopping by!


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