how to properly knit a ski hat

I’ve had a bit of success with the ski bonnet!  About time, too — this is attempt number 4.  I figured out how I needed to knit the band.  First, I knitted the first few rows on double points, because it was easier for me to keep things from getting twisted that way than it was with the magic loop method:

I’m liking the magic loop method much better now.  It feels less like I’m wrestling with a large wooden spider and it’s going quicker.  I’ve gotten 24 rows done so far, and you can begin to see how the pattern will look:

The yarn looks extra pink here. The first picture is more accurate color-wise.

So far, no mistakes (that I know of).  I’m crossing my fingers for continued success, because I wouldn’t know how to go back to a previous row with this pattern of complicated cables and twists if I did mess up.  Well, it’s complicated to me, at least.  But hey, I wanted a challenge, right?

I am actually worried that the band is too narrow — I believe it should be about 4 inches wide and mine is about 3.  Maybe once it’s blocked?  PLEASE don’t tell me that  I should start over and go up a needle size.  Well, actually, do tell me if I should, but don’t expect me to be happy.  What do you think?  I don’t want to redo it, but I do want it to be perfect!


6 thoughts on “how to properly knit a ski hat

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  3. LOVE the colour and patern choice – and you’re at least doing cables (something I’m ashamed to say I still can’t master) Give me a complicated lace pattern any day – though people tell me it’s simple enough.

    Re the band, my only bit of advice is, if it’s going to annoy you the whole way through to you actually wearing it when it’s done and you’re always thinking ‘this would be so much better with a wider band’ re-do it.

    If you’ll be able to think – ‘3 inches is sufficient(!)’ then keep going!

    Either way, reckon it’s going to be really nice when it’s done 🙂


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