Hey everyone.  I’ve got an announcement: this blog is merging with not your average crochet.  NYAC was my first blog and for my own convenience I’m planning on using it for both my knitting and crochet posts now.  If you would still like to follow my knitting progress it would be great if you would subscribe to NYAC (if you haven’t already).  I will have separate categories so you can view just the knitting posts if you like.

I’m doing this because I’m wanting to start posting on some other topics, sometimes, too.  Since I may be expanding my subject matter, I’d rather just have it all on one blog than have a zillion separate blogs to manage.

If you’re not a follower of NYAC I hope you consider following so that you can continue seeing all the fun knitting stuff that goes on.  If you choose not to, I really appreciate you following NYAK and I’m sorry to see you go, but I totally understand.  Thanks for sticking with me as far as you have.

I’ve already moved all the static pages (with the patterns and tutorials) to NYAC, so I took them off of the menu bar here.  All the posts from here have been merged, as well, so all old content is still available to you.  Hopefully there will be no problems with images or anything, but if there are I’ll reformat everything on NYAC as soon as I can.  I want to get everything up and running smoothly quickly so that I can go back to crafting!  If there’s anything I forgot to mention here I’ll make sure to post it.



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