ski bonnet: begin!

Remember that awesome ski bonnet that I wanted to make?  Well, I’m gonna make it!

I’ll be using 3 skeins of Berroco Vintage in their Dewberry shade, which I had to purchase today, even though I said I couldn’t afford yarn this month.  I swear, this yarn was the cheapest yarn in the store that still felt soft.  I’m gonna just say this is my birthday present to myself.

My dog is not interested in the slightest; she’s so used to yarn.

So I started the pattern, and I was immediately struggling.  I know how to do the magic loop method but I’m still not good at keeping the breaks between the sides tight and even, so that was all over the place.  Maybe I should try it on double points, which I’m more used to, so I don’t have those “wings?”  In row 1 I immediately had to learn two new things, as well: the Left Twist and the Right Twist.  I think I’m doing them right.  (Check out those links for video tutorials on YouTube.)

In the end, my first 6 rows looked so shabby that I frogged it.  I think I’m going to practice with some spare yarn to get the hang of the pattern first before trying it again with my nice magenta yarn.  Anybody have any advice for me?


stockinette stitch

My tutorial on how to make the purl stitch and utilize it to form the stockinette fabric is now up!  Click here.

new tutorials

I just made some knitting tutorials for you!  So far I’ve got one on casting on, one on knitting/the garter stitch, and one on binding off.

If you’re trying to learn but something I said is confusing you, please don’t hesitate to ask for clarification or restatement!  I’ll try my best to help get you started!

Hopefully soon I’ll get a tutorial up on the stockinette stitch, and then maybe later on down the road I’ll have some on increases and decreases!  Hope you enjoy!